Solar Energy

Modern advancements made in the technology that drives the solar power industry has provided us with a powerful alternative to gas, coal, oil and nuclear powered electricity generation.

Solar photovoltaic panels are now much more efficient than they used to be and can now compete on a cost for cost basis with other forms of energy production.

In areas that have a high level of daily sunshine, installing solar powered electricity generating stations is common sense. These megawatt capable stations are popping up all over parts of the world, with Europe at teh forefrunt of both solar and wind powered electricity generation.

The United States is currently lagging behind the rest of the world in this area, despite it having some of the best locations as far as annual and daily sunshine hours are concerned, although solar stations are gradually being built in dessert areas. Environmentalists would like to see the pace stepped up in this area so that we can throw off the shackles of an oil-driven power mentality that has existed for the past century and become energy self sufficent using renewable sources of energy such as the sun.

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