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Nature and Science

Gain a greater understanding of how science and nature combine to create a healthy world that is better in so many ways for the furthering of humankind by reading the informational articles that are being published on this website periodically. Items of interest of a scientific, environmental or human health topic are the main focus of this site and we hope to bring you a great many insights into why we are he way we are and what we can do and are doing to improve that.

Nature vs Science

sunsetIn the past, human understanding and knowledge was limited to the point where, in an attempt to continually advance as a species, we placed ourselves squarely at variance with nature and looked to science to progress. Now that understanding has been turned on its head as we realize more and more the importance of science and nature working together to create a better world for all of us.

We now know that nature is the essence that we all owe our very existence and our continues health and growth depends entirely on us working closely with nature and copying her ways. Understanding the way we interact by the way we farm our food and derive our energy is the road to a kind of organic sanity must prevail if we are to grow in accordance with Nature's own laws.

We are also coming to understand that our lives are connected not just with each other but with every aspect of our world and indeed our entire universe.

Energy and Matter

Another great scientific belief that was held on to up until only relatively recently was that everything in the universe was made up on only two elements, those of energy and matter. It is now understood, thanks to the pioneering work of quantum physicists, that there is in truth only one element in the entire universe.

That element is energy. We are all made of the same stuff that everything else is made of. Solid matter is not solid as we once believed but itself is made up of energy.

energy matter natureOnce you can truly grasp this concept, you can begin to understand why we're all connected. We are the highest form of life on this planet and we are so because we have a more powerful brain than any other creature and a reasoning mind that has the capacity to think. Our thoughts can be measured and it is now known that a thought is also made of energy, the same stuff as everything else.

A thought is a creation and that can be translated into form through our ability to generate an idea and act upon it to bring it into form. That's how new inventions occur as true thinkers are fetching marvelous ideas from the ether and acting to create those things that cause our civilization to advance another step further.

The world is a changing, growing, evolving place and we are changing, growing and evolving with it. One day, our understanding will be complete and we will know all there is to know about what we are, where we came from and why we are here.

Maybe not in our generation or even in the next several. But one day we will achieve our greatest end and until then all we can do is to continue to learn, to grow and to become better in every sense.

That's what this website is about. Its a magnificent journey and one that is a privilege and an honor to be a part of.