What Is the Law of Attraction?

Thanks to the popularity of The Secret, many people wonder at just what is the Law of Attraction and how can they get it working in their own lives to improve everything about them.

Let's start by revealing a few points about this enigmatic law of nature.

law of attractionThe Law of Attraction is a philosophy that states positive thoughts attract positive results.

Negative thoughts create negative outcomes. It is based the belief of thoughts being a form or energy.

Positive energy attracts success, in all areas of your life, including financial and personal relationships.

The Law of Attraction gained popularity in recent years thanks to books like The Secret, but there is no scientific basis for its claims. It is often regarded as pure pseudoscience.

Like Attracts Like

This law indicates that people are attracted to similar things. It is a law that suggests people attract people who are similar.

However, it also suggests the idea that people's thoughts attract similar results. Negative thinking is believed to attract one or more negative experiences.

However, positive thinking is believed to create one or more desirable experiences.

Nature and Vacuums

If there's one thing that nature hates, it's a vacuum (as my old schoolmaster used to creatively claim on numerous occasions, in reference to the apparent vacuous nature of cranial space in the heads of some boys).

The law is based on the idea that removing any negative elements from your life will make it possible for more positive people to come into your life.

It's based on a belief that there can never be a complete empty space in your thoughts and life.

The proponents of this philosophy state that it is vital to fill this space with positivity since something will always fill it.

Present Perfect

This law highlights the idea of improving everything that exists in the present moment.

This law proposes that rather than dwelling on the past and feeling unhappy, you should instead focus your energy to find ways to make the moment better.

How to Use the Law of Attraction

You can create your life according to the law. What you are focusing on determines what you attract into your life. This suggests that what is in your mind will manifest into your life.

These are some of the things you can do in order to include the law and attraction in your own life.

Although eagerly maligned by some as hocus pocus, it is fairly well accepted that while the law of attraction may not provide a solution to all a person's problems immediately, it can certainly help to inspire a positive outlook.

You might find it motivates you to keep working towards your goals.

The Law of Attraction's Impact

The law of attraction isn't supported scientifically, but proponents believe that it can create positive changes to a person's life.

There are several reasons that people may see benefits from this philosophy, which can have an impact on people's lives in one or more ways.

Spiritual Effects

Because the law can tap into people's spirituality, it may bring about results. Spirituality itself has many benefits, including a lower stress level, better health, and better overall health.

Many people believe this philosophy works through aligning God or our wishes with the universe. This notion implies that we all are made of energy.

Different frequencies operate at different frequencies. This means that it is important for us to switch the frequency of our energy and increase gratitude for what we already possess.

You can make positive changes in your energy by using gratitude and positive emotions, and focusing more on your dreams than on your frustrations. We can attract whatever we want depending on where and when we focus our energy. But we need to believe that it is already ours.

Better Well-Being

The law of attraction might also have positive effects for your mental well being.

When we put our focus on creating a new reality and believe it can be achieved, we tend take more risks, to see more opportunities and to open up to new possibilities. Conversely, if we don't believe anything is possible, we can let opportunities go by unnoticed.

When we believe that we aren't worthy of good things, our happiness is sabotaged. It is possible to change your self-talk about life and how you feel about it.

We can then reverse the negative patterns that have been ingrained in our lives and make them more productive, happy, and healthy. One positive thing can lead another and a life can go from being in a downwards spiral to being one that moves upwards.

One of the fundamental principles of many forms of therapy is that positive self-talk will change your life.

Cognitive-behavioral therapies, which are widely used and highly effective for many conditions, are based on the notion that identifying and changing automatic negative thoughts can lead to positive effects and improve mental well being.


In short, the Law of Attraction appears to be a working concept that can have an effect on the lives of people that actively pursue goals with a positive and determined course of action.

It can also negatively effect people when left to its own devices in allowing circumstance to cause problems or mishaps in a person's life.

The common sense aspect here is that it may be more productive and bountiful to work with this law than to ignore it and let nature take its course.