Christmas Television

Every year there is great excitement as Christmas grows near and the television stations start broadcasting more festive shows and movies to entertain us during the long and cold winter nights when more people stay indoors.

So what does it mean for you?

Of course if you live in the southern hemisphere, it's a totally different story as there is less need to stay inside since Christmas falls slap bang in the middle of summer! But even so, the TV companies are proactive about making sure you get plenty of great shows to watch to increase viewer numbers and keep advertisers happy!

A Commercial Time of Year

christmas giftsWhen you get to the bottom of it, it soon becomes quite apparent that the main reason for all this attractive programming is not necessarily to give viewers better things to watch. It is of course to make sure there are more viewers watching so the advertisers can get their products and services in front of the largest viewing audience possible!

After all, the whole reason for television these days is to circulate more money through the various related bank accounts of all involved, which is primarily driven by fat checks derived from fat advertising budgets.

One could argue that this point of view is anti-capitalist and questions the whole commercial process that drives the huge media engine. But whether you advocate the capitalist model, its polar opposite in the socialist model or anywhere in between, the truth is what counts and it's as plain as the nose on your face to see.

Christmas Advertising

There's no arguing that this time of the year is the most lucrative for retailers and manufacturers of gifts as the buying public is definitely in a buying mood. It can get a little crazy but for many businesses, if they don't make bank during the run-up to the holiday season, they will struggle for the rest of the year.

That's why the advertising you see on the TV at this time of the year is so intense and aggressive. Advertisers will use every trick in the book and some to convince viewers they need to have this or that product that will make a perfect gift for someone special.

They will unashamedly target children most aggressively because kids can be convinced more easily that they must have that certain thing or things. Then the crafty advertisers can leave it to the kids to the rest of their job for them because they will harass the life out of their parents to buy the things they just got sold on TV!

Don't Forget the Decorations

small apartment christmas treeOf course you will also be bombarded with ads for all kinds of decorations for your home whether you live in a small or large house, a condo or whatever. You will be reminded in no uncertain terms that you will need to buy the best Christmas trees for small apartments if that's where you live and not buy cheap ones that will be too big; or to get the right size tree for your family house and not get one that is too small!

If you have managed to endure all the ads for services, gifts and decorations for Christmas up until now, then prepare yourself for the next wave of ads for all the great things you must have to eat and drink over the holidays! It's quite amazing how many different kinds of meals, desserts and snacks that are offered to families that are probably already struggling under the financial weight of all the stuff they've already bought because the TV told them to!

Yes, Christmas is a wonderful time of the year and everyone should enjoy it at least as much as the advertising companies will enjoy their remuneration for another seasonal job well done.