Parents Buy Indoor Tents for Kids

If you ever wanted to consider buying one of those indoor tents for kids that are being advertised on TV, then this article is for you!

Parents are constantly bombarded with ads for children's products, toys and games etc that it can get pretty tough telling your child they can't have everything they see advertised on TV!

girls indoor play tentIt's kind of amazing how powerful TV advertising is when it comes to getting parents to buy things for their kids.

Take any kids product you can think of and watch the Christmas television commercials for a while and see how many times that particular product gets aired during children's TV time and you'll see what I mean.

Indoor Tents and Forts

For example, one really popular product right now is those easy-to-assemble indoor tents that come in a range of different designs and setups. They are all made to appeal to kids as a place to play in when indoors on days when the weather is too bad to go outdoors to play.

You've probably seen some of them and even more probably been hounded by your kids to buy one for them! They are actually pretty inexpensive, but when you consider what they actually are, then the price is probably about right.

What they do offer is a place for your children to go play where they are out from under your feet and relatively safe where you don't need to keep an eye on them all the time. In fact, kids will spend hours playing in one of these tents, just like we did as kids in our makeshift indoor cubby houses made from a sheet draped over a broomstick!

Firing the Imagination

What a child's tent can do is fire up their imaginations and get them creating their own make-believe adventures without actually going anywhere. Kids have active imaginations and when put inside an enclosed structure, no matter it might be as flimsy as a tent, they will get on and create a fantasy world of their own.

It can happen they will spend a lot of time playing with some of their toys inside the tent inventing their own storylines as they go. Girls will often make tea parties with their dolls or teddy bears, while boys will go for action packed adventures with model cars, robots or action figures.

Parent Relief

However they imagine their own games and make their own fun, they can do it in a safe environment where they don't need to be supervised too closely which for a parent busy with doing other household chores can be a true godsend! It frees parents a little from otherwise having to keep the kids within visual range to make sure they're not getting up to anything dangerous or destructive.

This is actually a good thing, because not only do indoor kids play tents keep them out of the worst kinds of mischief, it actually allows them to develop their imaginations and creative minds and taking plenty of time about it. And that is time a busy parent can use to their advantage, whether it is getting some cleaning done or doing some work at home stuff that couldn't possibly get done otherwise.